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Belimo''s sensors provide a precision controlled, comfortable room environment that is essential for the wellbeing and productivity of people. Actuators and valves control flows of air and water; sensors measure temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and flow thru air ducts or pipes. High Accuracy and Long Term Stability . To deliver reliable and accurate readings over the entire life ...

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Belimo HVAC sensors offer superior reliability, easy installation, and seamless integration with major Building Automation Systems. The innovative toolless housing design allows for quick installation, easy commissioning, and provides NEMA 4X/IP65 protection. The range includes accurate sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and volatile compounds (VOCs) in pipe and duct ...

» WRF04 CO2


Room sensor CO2 + temperature + relative humidity –active 3xV 0..10 V WRF04 CO2 rH 3xV WRF04 CO2 rH 3xV LCD WRF04 CO2 rH 3xV TLF WRF04 CO2 rH 3xV LCD TLF All variants optionally available with relay (Switching value CO2). Page 2 / 7 Issue date: Thermokon Sensortechnik , Platanenweg 1, 35756 Mittenaar, Germany · Tel: +49 2778/69600 · fax: 400 …

Belimo Room Sensors and Room Operating Units | Belimo


Belimo strives to offer products of high quality and reliability standards, while still offering a userfriendly design. That’s why Belimo room sensors have the slimmest profile of any active sensor on the market– even the multiparameter temperature, humidity and CO 2 sensor has a depth of just 22 mm – while still providing reliable operation.

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20210722· The Belimo Energy Valve™ is an electronic pressure independent control valve with softwarebased services and cloud connectivity, measuring flow and temperature to monitor coil performance and energy consumption while maintaining the optimal Delta T. Automatic reports show actual and historical performance data, recommending the further potential for energy savings, …



» WRF04 KNX Room temperature sensor, wall mounted Thermokon Sensortechnik , Platanenweg 1, 35756 Mittenaar, Germany · tel: +49 2778/69600 · fax: 400 · ·



WRF04 Room Temperature Sensor Wall Mounted Thermokon Sensortechnik , Platanenweg 1, 35756 Mittenaar, Germany · tel: +49 2778/69600 · fax: 400 · ·



WRF04 CO2 VV 2x outputs 0..10 V / temperature, CO 2 3xV 3x outputs 0..10 V / temperature, CO 2, humidity Optional WRF04 CO2 xx LCD LCD for displaying measuring values Z 3 LEDs for displaying level of CO 2 concentration R Potential free relay output (NO) for 24 V ~ or 24 V = / 2 A with adjustable CO2 threshold value Security Advice – Caution The installation and assembly of electrical ...

Characterised Control Valves with Actuators BELIMO


Belimo has succeeded in solving the problem of the distorted fl ow characteristic of ordinary Ball Valves. A socalled “characterising disc” in the inlet of the Characterised Control Valve converts the valve’s characteristic to the equalpercentage kind. The side of the characterising disc facing the ball is concave and is in contact with the surface of the ball. Thus, the actual fl ...

Belimo Sensors and Meters


Belimo room sensors measure temperature, humidity, and CO 2 in a surface mounted streamline design offering high accuracy and fast response. The sensors are maintenancefree and provide longterm reliability for a comfortable room environment. Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC), Belimo‘s room sensors allow easy data access, field adjustable, commissioning, and troubleshooting ...

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