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BRC Genius MB 800 Tinley Tech


Reducer/vaporiser for Sequential Gas Injection Systems fitted to engines producing up to 90 bhp. It has brass 16mm water connections, a 10mm vapour outlet and a 5mm pressure connection. LPG inlet is via an M10 port. Outlet pressure is Comes with water temperature sensor. .

Genius MB reducer – LPG | BRC


Genius MB reducer – LPG. • Diaphragm singlestage type building. • Water Temperature Sensor. • Adjusted pressure: 800, or mbar relative to the intake manifold pressure. • No bleeding operation needed. • Approval: R6701.



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DF530 LPG Tank Level Sensor YouTube


11/12/2020· The DF530 is an ultrasonic liquid level sensor, which is speciallly designed to monitor the LPG tank remotely. The liquid level status is transmmited to clou...



The LPG conversion cost depends on many factors, such as the vehicle original supply (injection, direct injection), the kind of tank or equipment installed (traditional, timed injection), and so on. Ask Brc gas service installers for the most suitable system for your car. Find an installer

Tank Monitoring System for LPG Carriers | KONGSBERG


KGauge GAS is a modern and flexible tank monitoring system suitable for use in all type of LPG tank designs. The radar tank gauges, temperature sensors and pressure transmitters are designed to provide continuous and reliable accuracy in the challenging demands of transporting LPG (Butane and Propane),

Tank Capacity Temperature Sensors Safiery


LPG Tank Level Sensor and Preprocessor. Bottle Size: 4kg to 60kg bottle. Includes "swapngo" gas bottles. This sensor attaches magnetically to the bottom of a steel LPG tank. The surface needs to be clean and clear of folded paint or debris. The sensor has a …



Level sensor and cables for multivalve + LPG filling charge inlet type + LPG fuel box filling valve and adaptors + Adapters for LPG + CNG chargers and cranes + Repair parts for multivalve + | LPG tanks + LPG tanks Atiker + LPG tanks MSM + | Pipes and hoses for LPG and CNG systems + Thermoplastic tube, nuts, lenses, glands Standard + Мetal pipe ...

BRC 830200 LPG Tank Fuel Level Sensor Sender 090 Ohm ...


Details about BRC 830200 LPG Tank Fuel Level Sensor Sender 090 Ohm NEW! BRC 830200 LPG Tank Fuel Level Sensor Sender 090 Ohm NEW! Seller information. . % Positive Feedback. Save this seller. See other items. Visit Shop. Registered as …



LPG DIRECT INJECTION The LDI system (liquidstate LPG Direct Injection) by BRC Gas Equipment opens to a new generation of LPG systems. LPG Direct Injection is developed for petrol direct injection engines allowing to inject liquidstate LPG right into the combustion chamber using original injectors and high pressure pump.

LPG Sensors Tank Level sensors LPG Pressure sensors ...


Landi Renzo Gas Pressure sensor 3,5 bar Temp. sensor TMAPC96 GA VERDER IN NEDERLANDS PAY ATTENTION! Check on a OPEL which type of pressure sensor is being used. ( bar / bar). 55,90 € 79,86 € 30%.

BRC Sequent Temperature Sensor –


BRC Sequent Temperature Sensor BRC LPG Autogas temperature sensor. M14 / " Thread. High accuracy 10cm+ wire This sensor is compatible with BRC Sequent



BRC FILTER SUPPORT FL02P11A10. Support Filter cartridge LPG for old system GPL Séquent BRC ( HS02FPa 1) to replace every 20000kms for the protections of the injectors LPG BRC Mounting on many older installations LPG (BRC system Séquent , Fast, S56 Diameter Ø12) BOOK WITHOUT THE FILTER. 29,00 €. Add to basket More.

LPG Sensor Technology Bentley Instruments


NonContact Tank Level Gauge VesselCheck • noninvasive • Sensors bonded to outside of tank • Fits tank of most shapes and sizes • Output to Telemetry system – various options • Low cost, reliable accurate tank gauging • Not affected by pressure • Easy installation – …

Level sensor 090 ohm for BRC multivalve


450mm diameter. Toroidal tanks (4hole) 600mm diameter. 650mm diameter. 680mm diameter. 720mm diameter. Multivalves. Internal tanks 30°/37°. External tanks 0°.

LPG Tank Fuel Level Sensor Sender 090 Ohm BRC 990 ...


Gas level sensor for LPG tanks 090 Ohm. Fuel level sensor for LPG tanks. LPG LEVEL SENSOR. Type: 090 Ohm (90Ω increasing).

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