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DALI CS Lunatone


DALI CS. A compact DALI motion detector with integrated light and temperature sensor. The module can be used as a control unit for a DALI system or as a measurement tool in combination with central control unit. The module is suitable for various applications such as offices, class rooms, corridors or …

Motion Sensor DALI PIR – IAconnects Connect, Control ...


Motion Sensor DALI PIR. The PIR001 is a combined passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and photocell designed to be part of a DALI network. Functioning as a presence detector, the unit returns occupancy data to the DALI network. The photocell provides a lux level measurement value to the DALI network. Functioning as a presence detector, the unit ...

PS432 DALI MultiSensor Standard Coverage Prolojik


PS432 DALI MultiSensor Standard Coverage. The Prolojik PS432 series mini DALI addressable multifunction sensor delivers high accuracy measurement in a discreet form factor. Prolojik PS432 sensors have been designed to complement the Prolojik range of lighting control modules and DALI controllers and are available in a range of lens types and finishes.

PIR+US ceiling mount sensors (DALI)


DALI sensor . No. 0 489 35 is a device which measures the daylight level and detects presence of people using dual technology (passive infrared and ultrasonic (PIR + US)).

DALI2 PIR sensors | zencontrol


DALI2 PIR sensor 8 m. Features. DALI2 certified. For use with DALI2 application controller. Suitable for up to 32 devices per DALI line. 8 m suitable for high ceilings (10 m) and warehouses. Light control based on ambient light and motion detection. Multimaster compatible / multiple control devices per line.

Combi Sensor Modul


DALI sensor module for presence detection and lighting control Art. Nr. 86458621 Art. Nr. 86458621W16 Art. Nr. 86458621W16AP ... The PIR method allows detection detection ^of relatively large areas by using only one sensor head. With opening angles of ° and ° and a

Presence detectors/sensors DALI | Theben


PlanoSpot 360 DALI2 S DE WH (Item no. 2030190) Passive infrared presence sensor for ceiling installation in false ceilings, DALI2 certified. Square detection area 360°, 7 x 7 m, (49 m 2) at mounting height 3 m. This device provides information about presence and brightness in the form of a DALI telegram in line with IEC 62386 Part 303/304.

zencontrol 8m DALI PIR sensor zencontrol


zencontrol''s DALI PIR sensors are powered directly from the DALI bus and have inbuilt PIR, lux and colour sensors. The sensors are delivered in a recessed mount for easy mounting into ceilings/surfaces, but it''s small form factor also allows for easy integration into products and projects.

320D2 PIR Sensor (DALI2) • Helvar


Compatible products. 950 Router. SBBC Mounting box for lighting control sensors. Current consumption (mA): 10. Mounting, more information: Ceiling flushmounted, surfacemounted using SBBC. IP Rating options: IP30. Available in white (W) or grey (B)

Ceiling PIR presence detector DALI / DSI dimming


Ceiling PIR presence detector – DALI / DSI dimming . EBDSPIRDD, EBDSPIRDDIP Product Guide . Retaining Spring . Retaining Spring . Power Input Switched . Output Connector (Channel 1) Dimmable . Control Output . Connector (Channel 2) Switch Input . Connector . PIR Sensor . Detects movement within the unit’s detection range,

WAGO DALI MultiSensor Kit (28518201) | WAGO


The WAGO DALI MultiSensor Kit is paired with the WAGO 753647 DALI MultiMaster Module and includes the following three components: The DALI Sensor Coupler connects the MULTI3CI Sensor to a DALI bus system. For this, the MULTI3CI Sensor is connected to the DALI Sensor Coupler via RJ10 socket. DALI terminals connect the DALI Sensor Coupler ...

DALI2 PIR and daylight sensor


PIR and daylight sensor DALI2 input device. DALI parts and versions. 101: : 103: : 303: : 304: : Product properties. Application controllers. Supports DALI version1 control gear. Supports DALI2 control gear. More than one DALI bus supported. Bus powered. Support for …

DALI sensors Tridonic


5/8/2012· Tridonic is a worldleading supplier of lighting technology, supporting its customers with intelligent hardware and software and offering the highest level of quality, reliability and energy savings.

PIRDA Ceiling PIR presence detector – DALI dimming


PIRDA with DALI Broadcast Output. Designed with a low profile for aesthetically demanding architectural projects whilst retaining the functionality expected of the latest lighting controls. Control of the light fixtures is provided via selfpowered DALI communication (up to 40 drivers). Setup of the sensor is carried out using a remote control ...

LUXeye Sense Dali PIR Motion Detector (Bluetooth/iOS ...


LUXeye Sense Dali PIR Motion Detector (Bluetooth/iOS/Android Compatible) from Osram. Model: 4052899957411. A PIR motion detector sensor from Osram. This LUXeye sensor connects to your Bluetooth Android or iOS mobile device, allowing features such as light level and delay time. This sensor is incredibly easy to install and maintain, with plug ...

PIR corridor sensor (DALI)


DALI sensor . No: 0 489 36 uses PIR (passive infrared) technology to detect movement, and also incorporates an light level meter. It can be surfacemounted on a concrete ceiling using box . No. 0 488 75, or flushmounted directly in a suspended ceiling using claws or in a …

PIR Sensor, Master, 360deg, Dual DALI Output, Remote ...


Technical leaflet ARGUS Presence detector DALI 230V 2 zones master/IR remote control. DATE. 09 Oct 2018. VERSION. 1. DOWNLOAD. ( KB) pdf. Instruction Manual for 752DALIRC PIR sensor, Master, 360deg, DALI output, Secondary for 752DALIRC.

Lighting Controls and Connectivity DALI2 components ...


DALI Standard EN 62386101 , also known as DALI2. To be able to use the sensor in such installation, an application controller is necessary. List of approved application controller can be found on our WEB page „Application_controllers_MSensor_ “ È Standards, page 5 Wiring diagrams and installation examples, page 6 MSensor G3 PIR ...

DALI Professional: FAQ Osram


Yes, the Siemens DALI Multi Sensor Office 5WG 1412AB51 is electrical identical to OSRAM DALI Sensorcoupler. Only label and GTIN = EAN10 stored in the coupler are different. Also the Siemens DALI Pushbutton Coupler 5WG 1412AB71 can be used in the OSRAM system.

PIR sensors 8m | zencontrol


DALI PIR sensors with heaps of programmable features; including IR, switch features and sensor timeout, as well as fully independent DALI devices: relay(208), movement(303), lux(304), absolute input(302) and pushbutton(301). These sensors are fully DALI …

DALI PIR motion and light sensor · BEGA


Luminaires with a passive infrared motion and light sensor react to thermal radiation in the dark, switching on when people or animals move in the vicinity of the luminaire. An additional DALI power supply 71 094 or 70 866 is required if the luminaires are not going to be operated in a DALI system.

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